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For years, the name Bird has been linked to many of Puerto Rico’s most high-profile construction projects.
From large office complexes, industrial plants, hotels, hospitals and special care centers, to airport terminals, penal facilities, commercial centers and luxury condominiums, Bird has become synonymous with quality, excellence and responsibility. However, as the island’s economic outlook began to change, with small and medium-size projects now in higher demand, key members of Bird Construction Company decided it was time to combine their expertise and talent to form Bird Group LLC – an entirely new entity with a streamlined structure designed to meet today’s market needs.

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The Bird's Group Difference



Over Fifty years of awarded experience, partnering with local and international hospitality firms, airlines, retailers, universities, federal and local agencies, and housing developers.


A dynamic team responsible for building some of the island’s most formidable structures & projects.


Committed to excellence, our goal is to benefit our clients, employees and shareholders in every way possible.


Fair pricing, quality service, on-time delivery, integrity and stability continue to be the centerpiece of our success, growth, and commitment to the community we serve.

With close to 50 years in the industry, our partners and personnel have succeeded in fine-tuning our services in a way that not only helps our clients cut costs, but ensures quality and on-time project delivery as well.

Serving as a single-source provider for an entire project, we have the expertise, resources and technology to take it from the design and pre-construction phase all the way to completion.


Build America Awards 2017 Recognition